Handmade fresh in store!

At Barossa Valley Chocolate Company we use the most delicious chocolate sourced responsibly from the Daintree, Belgium and beyond. Many of our trusted suppliers have been producing quality chocolate ingredients for years .

To learn more about the sustainability accreditations of our Chocolate suppliers, please click here


Visitors can watch our team of chocolatiers creating delicious treats through our expansive viewing windows, using a mixture of traditional and modern tempering, enrobing, moulding, spinning and panning techniques to create all the chocolates (and ice cream!) you see in the complex.

You can also partake in our free Virtual Tour, a five-part tour that takes you behind-the-scenes of our Chocolate Kitchen and complex to see how your favourite treats get made! Watch below for a preview!


We have over 250 chocolate products made from milk, dark, white and ruby chocolate, featuring bars, bags and blocks of infused flavours and enrobed confectionary, decadent Pralines using local produce, such as Barossa Cider Co. and Vineyard Road Shiraz, along with a cast of colourful, hand-finished characters, including our custom koala mascot, Benni.

Barossa Valley  Company also offers a range of Single Origin chocolates from five countries internationally – Mexico, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ecuador and Ghana – along with Australia's only source of locally-grown cocoa beans from the Daintree, Queensland. 

Our chocolates can suit many dietary requirements – including a special sugar-free range – ask our friendly staff for more help during your visit. 

We hope to see you at our chocolate kitchen viewing window soon! 

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