Winter ChocFest 2023 - A Celebration of Decadent Hot Chocolate Delights!

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of its annual Hot Chocolate Festival, this year titled ‘Winter ChocFest 2023’. Building on the success of previous years, the festival has been expanded, from four weeks to a full eight-week program, promising enjoyment for all chocolate enthusiasts.

The Winter ChocFest 2023 will take place at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, delighting guests with a delectable array of decadent hot chocolate drinks and mouth-watering desserts, all featuring handcrafted Barossa Valley Chocolate Company Chocolate.

“We are excited to present the family friendly Winter ChocFest 2023”, says Kate McClure, General Manager of the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company. “This year’s festival promises to be bigger and better than ever, with eight hot chocolate drink flavours created by our Chocolate team and this year we are including a selection of desserts catered to the whole family.” 

Throughout the eight-week Winter ChocFest, the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company will introduce two hot chocolate drinks and two delightful desserts every fortnight. From August 2 to September 25, visitors will have the opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable chocolate journey.

Guests that have visited Barossa Valley Chocolate Company before and enjoyed one of their hot chocolate drinks will know what’s so special about the way they create their hot chocolate drinks. The team of expert chocolatiers, led by Amy Sajinovic have created eight flavours, three of which are new to the program, including the new Midnight Delight, made with award winning Lemon & Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

   Our hot chocolate drinks are certainly UNIQUE to the way most Australians would have made them at home as kids” - Amy Sajinovic, Head Chocolatier

“We make ours with our chocolate and every year we try to create new and interesting flavours to keep our guest excited and make it worth coming back for more. We love seeing kids and grown-ups trying our different flavours and what’s great is that they can find the flavour they like the most and take home some chocolate frogs to make their own hot chocolates at home”.

For chocolate lovers unable to visit or seeking to bring the ChocFest experience home, the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company have created some ‘at home’ packs that are available in-store and online.

Hot Chocolate drink hampers and 90g 5 Frog Packs that will be released alongside each of the hot chocolate drink releases, these available for purchase both in-store and online (see our Winter ChocFest 2023 Collection below to buy online).


Wed 2 Aug - Mon 14 Aug

Hot Chocolate Drinks     

  • It's Mint to Be. Mint Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
  • All about Orange. Orange Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate


  • Delectable Hot Donuts with a rich dark chocolate pouring sauce
  • Ooey Gooey Warm chocolate pudding with decadent dark chocolate pouring sauce


Wed 16  Aug - Mon 28 Aug

Hot Chocolate Drinks     

  • Crazy Like a Coconut. Coconut Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate (NEW)
  • The Sweetest Thing. Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Desserts 
  • Delectable Hot Donut Balls with a rich dark chocolate pouring sauce
  • Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake with (milk or dark chocolate pouring sauce)


Wed 30 Aug - Mon 11 Sept

Hot Chocolate Drinks     

  • Honey Bee. Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Stuff. Chili Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Desserts 

  • Crunchy & Fluffy Hot Churros with dark chocolate pouring sauce
  • Death by Chocolate Mud Cake with (milk or dark chocolate pouring sauce)


Wed 13 Sept - Mon 25 Sept

Hot Chocolate Drinks     

  • Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
  • Midnight Delight. Lemon & Raspberry Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate (NEW)

Hot Chocolate Desserts

  • Crunchy & Fluffy Hot Churros with Dark Chocolate Pouring Sauce
  • Light Orange and almond cake with dark chocolate sauce


Winter ChocFest 2023