A Chocoholic’s Guide To Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

We obviously love chocolate over here at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, so we thought we would share with you a little more information about our chocolate, where it is from and how we decided what chocolates we wanted to share with the world.

Our chocolate is sourced from Daintree, Belgium and beyond! Daintree Estates’ chocolate is 100% made in Australia from cocoa grown in Far North Queensland by Aussie farmers.

We stock a huge range of chocolate from white, milk, ruby and 56% and 70% dark chocolate, including flavour-infused chocolate (such as our dark chocolate and chilli chocolate, and our freeze-dried raspberries and lemon chocolate), chocolate-coated treats (such as our chocolate-coated peanut brittle or raspberry bullets) and traditional chocolate blocks!

But what is ruby chocolate, we hear you say? Well, we’re glad you asked! A part of our premium range, ruby chocolate is a brand-new type of chocolate only discovered 13 years ago and unveiled to the public by our supplier Callebaut in 2017. A natural chocolate made from the ruby cocoa bean, it has a delicious fruity sweet and sour taste. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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